A Tribute to Bob Cary

Welcome to a personal tribute to Bob Cary (1921 - 2006): his writings, his art and his life.

Bob was a lifetime angler, hunter, canoe camper, cross-country ski racer, a wonderful story teller and a friend to many. He lived a life full of the outdoors, writing and art.

Bob was born and raised in Illinois.  But his love of outdoor living brought him to the ultimate wilderness destination: Ely, Minnesota, time and again.   Finally, in 1966 Bob and his family moved to his beloved Ely, where he lived for the rest of his life.

Bob Cary is greatly missed in the Ely community for his writings, art, humor, music and insight.

Bob's feelings about Ely are reflected in a promo he recorded for local radio station WELY: "You're listening to WELY in Ely, Minnesota, one of the two most beautiful places on earth ... and they haven't found the other one yet."

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